среда, 12 мая 2010 г.

Why I hate Gnome

I really hate Gnome because:
1. They have totally removed totem-xine - the best DVD player (proof link: http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.28/#rndevelopers.totem). Totem-gstreamer can't play a lot of DVDs many years already and still can't do it today.
2. Totem developers think that "seeking with the keyboard keys seek different amount of time in either direction" is a GREAT feature (proof link: http://projects.gnome.org/totem/#faq). But really it's extremely useless.
3. It still doesn't have good multitouch configuration. That is why sometimes stupid things happen (like that: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/432814).
4. Mount point of GVFS .gvfs is in $HOME yet and they wouldn't like to move it out. Mount points MUST NOT BE IN HOME DIRECTORY.

Developers have done a lot of hard works last time and changed many things that probably will never be noticed by ordinary user. It's not so big deal to fix these problems, but it'll make working in Gnome much more better to use.

In spite of this I use it, I like Gnome but there are some stupid bugs that unfortunately arn't likely to be fixed.